Load in/Load Out


The Pits will be open for load-in on Thursday, 6PM - 8:00PM; and Friday,​ ​7:45 AM.

  • Teams that are loading in on Thursday are allowed to fully load in and set up their pits as long as they have exited the pits by 8PM

  • The Thursday load-in period ends 8:00PM and all team members must exit the building by this time.

  • For those who do not load in on Thursday evening, they can load in at 7:45 on Friday morning.

  • Each team’s pit area must be in a safe state when the team leaves after load-in.

  • Teams who prefer may load-in on Friday morning should make every effort to arrive prior to 8:30AM to avoid delays.

  • For all the International teams that need batteries please indicate on the Load-in Survey

  • And for those teams that will have extra batteries to loan out for the International teams please indicate on the Load-in survey form and how many you can loan out.​


  • Any structures erected in the pits must be within the ​9​’ x 10’ pit footprint.

  • Each pit must be in a safe configuration when team members complete their pit set up.

Please complete your teams LOAD IN SURVEY by April 2nd, 2022.